Armed Robbery – Hold Up Security Protection

As armed robberies and aggressive assaults continue to grow across Canada, SmokeCloak has never been more necessary to protect your business.  It’s time to take control back.  Your business will thank you, your staff will thank you.

Used extensively for over 25 years in the Internationally and over 15 years in Canada the Smokecloak Security Protection System and its range of Protection Systems products is the only system you will ever need to virtually eliminate violent hold ups.

Drawing from our extensive 15 years of experience in designing and formulating Smokecloak Strategic Plans for the retail market our team of licensed and approved agents will be able to both offer professional advice and design a Smokecloak solution specific for your business.
Location of the Smokecloak System is paramount in ensuring the absolute effectiveness of the system. The system is located in such a manner to ensure absolute protection for your staff and at the same time rendering the offenders capability to proceed redundant.

How does it work?

  1. Offender approaches staff with intention to commit robbery.
  2. Staff member activates system ( multiple covert and overt activation options available )
  3. Extremely rapid deluge of dry vapour is expelled into the protection zone.
  4. Offender unaware of the situation and LOSING CONTROL OF THE SITUATION bolts emptyhanded.

Offender gone in seconds. Staff safe. Business Safe.


Smokecloak Protection, the internationally proven system of dramatically reducing the severe consequences of armed robbery within your business.