Convenience Store / Service Station Security and Protection

Convenience Store Security ProtectionOver a past year, convenience stores and service stations have been repeatedly burgled. During these burglaries, large amounts of cash and products are taken that cost the business owners thousands of dollars every year, and the subsequent damage runs into thousands of dollar worth of repairs.

Offenders today simply have no regard or fear of alarms or camera system.. They are also more than aware that the probability of police arriving in a timely fashion is highly unlikely. They know this and this is one of the prime reasons that crimes to Jewellers amongst other retailers continue to grow.

However all is not lost. There is an answer. A proven, documented answer SmokeCloak .

A completely new approach was needed, the Smokecloak System is your constant silent guard, always on the ready ,waiting for an convenience stores and service stations and upon an intrusion in the premises IMMEDIATELY firing a massive deluge of dry vapour that forces the offender from the premises…empty handed.

The vapour continues to fill the area becoming thicker and thicker, filling all crevices, all encasing and causing the offender to realise in seconds that the theft is now impossible, he bolts from your stores to seek out an easier target.

With vapour outputs of 400 – 1800 m3 in 30 seconds the Smokecloak System will provide an impenetrable defence wall of fog that renders theft of your product impossible.

Smokecloak simply works.


100% safe for use in all environments and with absolutely no effect on persons or property, the Smokecloak System is the final and only answer to theft and hold up protection.

Don’t rely on Systems that advise you after the event.

Be proactive with Smokecloak and ensure there is NO EVENT.

Smokecloak allows you the retailer to TAKE BACK CONTROL.