Dragon Shield Security Protection

Dragon ShieldDragon Shield – The Ultimate Security Service

Dragon shield is the ultimate in security insurance, protection and technical support.  The Dragon Shield Service Agreement offers numerous benefits and  levels of protection to make your security program worry free.

24 Hour Support

Day or night if you need assistance with your security system or equipment, Dragon’s Breath Security has technicians ready for any emergency service.

Replacement Warranty

Should your SmokeCloak equipment fail.  Your Dragon Shield agreement will cover all costs related to the install of a new SmokeCloak to replace the defective equipment.

Dragon Skin Replacement

Should you have a security breach and your Dragon Skin security film has been damaged or compromised, Dragon’s Breath Security will apply new film on the compromised area.

SmokeCloak Semi Annual Fluid Levels Inspection, Change

SmokeCloak is the ultimate in defensive security technology.  It does require fluid replacement and top-ups.  This is included with your Dragon Shield Program.

SmokeCloak Testing

Dragon’s Breath Security professionals will test and make sure all your security systems are functioning properly.

Battery Check & Replacement

Should a power failure occur, your Dragon’s Breath Security Systems all have battery back up.  It is important that they are checked and replaced when needed.  This is another great benefit of the Dragon Shield Service Agreement.

Semi Annual Security Training

Your equipment is only as good as your operators.  Dragon’s Breath Security experts will visit your staff and make sure they understand the technology and how to deploy it.  We need to remind your staff of security risks and why they need to be pro-active when it comes to security defense.

Security Guard Emergency Service

Should you have a break in at your business, Dragon Shield will provide a security guard to watch your premises until morning so you can go and get a good night sleep until morning.

Dragon Shield Warranty Pricing

24 Month Dragon Shield $1200.00

36 Month Dragon Shield $1620.00

48 Month Dragon Shield $1920.00

60 Month Dragon Shield $2250.00