Jewellery Store Security Protection

Security Protection for Jewellers

The level and frequency of burglaries and armed robberies in Jewellery Stores across Canada continues to grow and has reached unheard of levels.

Compounding this problem is the raw and unsettling fact that if you have been targeted already the chances are that statistically, you’re likely to be a victim again.

All retailers will no doubt have already installed expensive CCTV camera systems and Alarm Systems.   The belief is that this alone will stop an ongoing problem or mitigate future events. Unfortunately, those retailers who have suffered a burglary or armed robbery will tell you that this is not the case.

Criminals today simply have no regard or fear of alarms and camera system.  They know this and this is one of the prime reasons that crimes to Jewellery stores are amongst the highest and continues to grow.

However, all is not lost. There is an answer. A proven, documented full proof answer.

A completely new approach was needed. An approach that didn’t offer false hope but offered a proactive approach by making the theft of products impossible.

A Smokecloak defensive security system is your constant silent guard, always on the ready, waiting for an event and upon an intrusion in the premises IMMEDIATELY firing a massive deluge of dry vapor that forces the offender criminals from the empty-handed.

The SmokeCloak fog vapour fills the area in seconds.

With vapour outputs of 400 – 1800 m3 in 30 seconds the Smokecloak System will provide an impenetrable defence fog that renders theft of your products impossible.

Smokecloak simply is unbeatable.


100% safe for use in all environments and with absolutely no effect on persons or property, the Smokecloak Defensive Security System is the final and only answer to theft and armed robbery.

Don’t rely on systems that advise you after the event.

Be proactive with Smokecloak and ensure there is NO EVENT.

Smokecloak allows you the retailer to TAKE BACK CONTROL.