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Security Bollards “Dragon Claws”

Security Bollard

Security Bollards

Dragon’s Claw Security Bollards provide solid, uncompromising protection against vehicular incursion. Permanently embedded barriers offer dependable protection.  They create a physical deter-ant for vehicles.  They protect buildings from oncoming vehicles while allowing free movement in between.  Our Dragon’s Teeth  act as both a physical and visual barrier.  Bollards are a fundamental part to a perimeter security solution.  They are designed to physically stop unauthorized vehicles from entering or exiting an area.  They literally are a wall designed to stop a vehicle in their tracks.  Bollards can be an attractive addition to any environment.  They come in many styles and colours to match any decor requirements.



Make Your Warehouse Doors Ram Proof

Bollards are used to secure the main access to your shop front or warehouse entrance.  You need to be thinking about a vehicle ram attack on your business.  We offer a wide array of security bollards to protect this type of asset. 

Available in Steel, Stainless Steel & Polyurethane & available to order in a choice of sizes, colours, designs & budgets to compliment and secure any location. 

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