Security Film Dragon Skin

dragon skin security film

Dragon Skin security film for windows is a revolutionary security film that is placed on glass showcases, doors and cabinets.  It is designed to stop thieves from being able to smash and grab.

When laminate-treated glass is broken, the sheet of security laminate and the anchoring system hold the glass fragments in place, creating a solid barrier. This smashed-glass barrier dissipates the force of any further blows, denying the burglar entry.

Security Window Film is the most recommended security product for delaying and/or deterring an unwanted intruder. Our goal is to prevent entry through the most vulnerable part of the building – the glass.  Surprisingly affordable, yet durable enough to handle severe attacks security window film is a great first line for security defence.

Impact Protection Attachment Systems:

Bonds the filmed window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection when combined with the safety window films listed above.
There are two components to a properly designed security widow film installation. It must be considered a system, and one component is not complete without the other.

The Impact Protection System is the black border seen in this photo of a typical storefront window and frame. The system is designed to bond the clear security film and glass to the window frame, so even when the glass is broken it will not be easily dislodged from the frame. Without this important step, security window films are not effective.