IPA 117 Intimidator Siren

IPA 117 Intimidator

The IPA 117 Intimidator works on a completely different method of restricting the offenders movement against the method of protection offered with the Smokecloak System.
Whilst the Smokecloak System produces a impenetrable cloud of dry vapour and limits the offenders vision and ability to locate the product , the IPA 117 Intimidator produces an environment that becomes simply unbearable to remain within.
This is the result of the IPA 117 Intimidator producing a completely disorientating 117db high pitch audio level. The pitch is such that it works on the inner ear of the offender and makes for a SAFE yet perceived painful and disorientating situation.
The unit is 100% safe and legal for use.

Why does it work?

The human body is a fine tuned machine that relies on all senses to accomplish a task or fulfil a movement. If any of these senses are interfered with or removed the task of functioning correctly is greatly affected and consequently the brains ability to react normally is evaporated.
From the perspective of an offender who’s primary objective is to enter fast, locate, remove and exit fast they rely on two main attributes of the human body. The ability of vision and concentration. They need to be at a primary focus level.
By interfering with this focus level in any manner that is severe enough to disorientate the brains normal evaluation process will directly affect the offenders ability to proceed.
The Smokecloak System works on one level by removing the offenders ability to locate the product within the premises. The offenders prime objective of entering, locating, removing and exiting fast becomes redundant and his brain having evaluated in milliseconds the hostility of this environment exits immediately. This is vision depravation and is extremely successful in protecting your product or merchandise.

Expanding on from this, yet at the same time following the same principle of senses depravation is the debilitating effect of the IPA 117 Intimidator.

Unlike conventional alarm siren that transmit at a steady independent frequency , the IPA 117 Intimidator covers a frequency spectrum from 2 – 4khz. Within that frequency range multiple tones are produced and oscillate in a random pattern. These oscillating and random frequencies interact with the inner ear that directly effects the offenders balance and sense of well being. Combined with this effect is the signal amplification that results in the penetrating 117db that enters into the sensory pattern. The brain is constantly addressing all senses to exit immediately, the longer he stays the worse he will feel. The offenders ability to enter, locate, remove and exit has again become redundant. Placed into this hostile environment with increased limitations as he remains leave the offender no option but to exit immediately. This is depravation of the senses that is accomplished by affecting the inner ear of the human body and transmit danger signals to the brain.

Unit Price: $560.00


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