Tobacconist Cigarette Shop Protection Security

Tobacconist Cigarette Shop ProtectionFor years thieves have targeted product that has the highest and easiest resale value. The theft of YOUR product to satisfy their quick and urgent need for fast money results in one simple fact.

The product you sell is directly related to the level and frequency of theft from your store.

Without a doubt today the number ONE choice of product for offenders and thieves looking for a quick and easily sellable product is tobacco .…and we think you would agree.

There is simply no limit to the number of illegal customers willing to purchase their tobacco “off the back of a truck’. Continuous Government enforced price rises and the massive growth of the black market have managed to further increase the uncontained growth of this crime wave.

This combined with:

The ineffectiveness of current Security Systems to protect your product
The failings of courts to enforce adequate punish offenders
The fact that the cost of tobacco is NEVER going to decrease only increase
The reality that in a few minutes thousands of dollars of easily transportable stock can be removed from your store.
There is ONLY ever going to be one outcome:

YOU as the retailer will continue to lose.

NOT the offender
NOT the Insurance Company.
NOT the Court System

What is Smokecloak :

The Smokecloak Instant protection System is just that….an internationally recognized and multi awarded fog protection system for the protection of your tobacco and tobacco related products.

Within literally seconds of activating the Smokecloak System expels a deluge of thick and all encasing (yet completely harmless and residual free vapour) into the area.

A blind barrier for the thief.

Unable to see his way forward. Panicking because the situation is NOT as he wanted. He flees your store empty handed and sets off to find an easier target that hasn’t installed Smokecloak.


A proud track record

Smokeshield have protected dozens of tobacconist across Australia just like you with this proven system. Some having experienced multiple robberies and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock installed the systems and (documented) have never lost stock again during a robbery.

Others having seen the absolute effectiveness of this system from other tobacconist have taken a proactive approach and installed the Smokecloak System. Any future attempted burglaries at these proactive stores have resulted in the loss of NIL STOCK. With an effective protection rating of 99.9% and recognized by selected Insurance Companies and enforcement authorities the Smokecloak Protection System will offer you a previously unattainable level of assurance and peace of mind.


Whilst we all agree that tobacco will continue to increase in price, your losses do not need to.
Let Smokecloak allow you to take back control of your business and reverse the trend.
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