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Inferno is a revolutionary technology capable of safely denying access to critical areas. The award-winning Inferno Security Barriers are used around the world, from embassies and nuclear storage facilities to shops and distribution centers.

Inferno will cause any intruder additional discomfort. Upon activation an intolerable – but harmless– wall of sound activates, driving the intruder out of the premises. The powerful Sound Barrier projects 125db of ear-piercing sound besides other special frequencies causing a person to immediately modify their behavior, typically using both hands to cover their ears and leaving the area immediately. It is also very effective because it completely breaks down communications.

The patented sound generator produces a highly complex spectrum that is extremely disruptive to the human brain. It produces four tones (frequency range 2-5kHz) simultaneously and forces these tones to oscillate wildly and rapidly. The dynamic nature of the resultant spectrum renders the brain incapable of identifying and thus “blocking out” the din – which is exactly what it does to the simple and static twin tones of a conventional alarm system siren. However, the sound spectrum is but one part of this security system. Amplified and broadcast at 125dB, the resultant effect is almost debilitating. As the seconds pass and the brain fails to cope, the intensity builds rapidly until the command to retreat is issued. Failure to vacate the protected zone provokes differing reactions from nausea, inability to concentrate and communicate, disorientation to vertigo. The dynamic nature of the spectrum has a beneficial side effect: it is extremely difficult to locate the source of the sound, ensuring that the intruder cannot readily eliminate the cause of distress.

How does the sound differ to conventional intruder alarms?

Unlike a standard alarm system with sirens that can be and are ignored, the Inferno sound barrier is impossible to ignore. A standard security siren is just a passive device that alerts the intruder that he has been detected; while unpleasant, it’s certainly tolerable (at least for the few minutes needed to grab valuable asset). Contrast the Inferno sound barrier, which also alerts the intruder but most importantly, it actively forces him to leave the protected area immediately.

How does the sound differ to conventional intruder alarms?

Inferno uses a patented frequency pattern that generates the most unbearable of sounds. The frequency creates an insufferable, piercing noise. This separates Inferno from conventional alarms that merely emit a consistent sound to which the human ear can adapt, and learn to tolerate.

Imagine this scenario: an intruder has forced his way into your premises. What do you want to happen next? If you answered: “I want him to leave immediately!” or something less polite, we ask you this: “What does your current security alarm system do to ensure that this happens?”

The Inferno Intenso Mobile is our best-selling security alarm. Its eight speakers deliver explosive sound, whilst the unit itself is visually discreet. It provides security to shops, warehouses, offices, homes and research and development facilities around the world. Inferno Intenso is compatible with all alarm systems. The Inferno Intenso Mobile is a stand-alone, plug and play security option. There is no need for an existing alarm system. This makes the Inferno Intenso Mobile a simple solution, fitted in minutes, without sacrificing security. Alternatively, Inferno Inttrenso can be easily integrated with your traditional alarm system and improve the level of security of your conventional security system, ensuring total protection.

I already have a high-tech security alarm system, complete with CCTV cameras.
Why do I need a Sound Barrier as well?

While most modern alarm systems are certainly quite capable, they are essentially passive devices that at best, will dispatch a security guard. Intruders are well aware of typical security response times, and as such, they act with impunity in this “window of opportunity”. That window given to the intruder can prove very costly indeed. CCTV systems are outstanding if they can be used to identify the intruder, however that won’t undo the damage and losses incurred. Forcing the intruder to exit immediately, empty-handed and without confrontation, is surely the ultimate solution to any intrusion and this is what a sound barrier will do.

Can it damage your hearing?

Any loud sound source can damage your hearing if used inappropriately. A report by the Royal Institute of Technology’s Technical Acoustics department (Stockholm) concluded that the sound barrier was harmless, and that only frequent & prolonged exposure would cause hearing damage. The sound barrier does not exceed the parameters as established in the internationally recognized ISO standard for noise induced hearing impairment. The report determined that one would have to be exposed to the sound barrier for 1 minute, at a distance of 1 metre, for 365 days, to have a 13% risk of hearing damage. The physical effects of exposure disappear shortly after the siren is switched off.

Wouldn’t installing a large number of conventional internal sounders (piezos) in the same room replicate the Sound Barrier?

No, not even close. In fact, you’d require 32 standard piezos to generate 125db (the sound pressure generated by a single Intenso sound barrier). The extreme volume of the sound barrier plays but a small part in its effectiveness –(the intolerability of the sound owes much more to the dynamic nature of the sound spectrum generated). With its static tones, the piezo is incapable of generating an intolerable tone. In addition, multiple piezos installed in the same location actually begin to cancel each other out and reduce the impact of the sound.

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